Effect of Pentagastrin, Histalog, Glucagon, Secretin, and Perchlorate on the Gastric Handling of 99mTc Pertechnetate in Mice

Published Online:https://doi.org/10.1148/120.3.629

Pentagastrin, histalog, glucagon, secretin, and perchlorate were intravenously injected into mice in order to investigate the hormonal regulation of 99mTc pertechnetate uptake by gastric mucosa. Pentagastrin significantly increased uptake; the effect of histalog was weaker. Secretin did not alter the uptake. Glucagon produced some diminution, and perchlorate significantly inhibited gastric uptake. Hormones may play a role in improving the sensitivity and specificity of diagnostic tests for Meckel's diverticulum.

Article History

Accepted: Oct 1975
Published in print: Sept 1976