Volumetric Growth Rate of Stage I Lung Cancer prior to Treatment: Serial CT Scanning

PURPOSE: To determine the range of growth rates of stage I lung cancers prior to treatment by using volumetric measurement at serial chest computed tomographic (CT) examinations.

MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study population comprised 50 patients who underwent two CT examinations at 25-day or greater intervals. Tumor craniocaudal length and cross-sectional diameters and perimeters were used to volumetrically model each tumor in three ways (spherical, elliptical, perimeter). Volumes were compared by determining Pearson correlation coefficients. By using these volumes, tumor doubling time was determined for each patient.

RESULTS: Volumes measured with all three methods were highly correlated. With the perimeter method, median doubling time was 181 days, with a very wide range. Eleven (22%) of 50 tumors had doubling times of 465 days or more. There was considerable overlap in doubling time between histologic subtypes. Assuming constant growth, only three (6%) of the 50 tumors would have been the size of a stage IA tumor for less than 1 year.

CONCLUSION: Comparison of tumor volumes at serial CT examinations reveals a very wide range of growth rates. Some tumors grow so slowly that biopsy is required to prove they are malignant.

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