Real-time MR-guided Wire Localization of Breast Lesions by Using an Open 1.0-T Imager: Initial Experience

The purpose of this study was to prospectively evaluate technique and time factors for real-time magnetic resonance (MR) imaging–guided wire localization of suspicious breast lesions by using an open 1.0-T MR imager. It was conducted with institutional review board approval; informed consent was given by patients. Needle placement was monitored in 30 women (mean age, 50.5 years; range, 28–70 years) by using a dynamic balanced gradient-echo (single-shot turbo field-echo [TFE]) sequence with a temporal resolution of 0.5 second. In all patients, the tip of the needle was clearly identified during placement. Consistent with balanced TFE (BTFE) imaging, diagnostic MR imaging after the interventional procedure confirmed that the hookwires were placed 0–6 mm (mean, 3.3 mm) from the target lesions. The total procedure time ranged from 16–36 minutes. Results show that real-time MR-guided wire localization permits correction of the needle position during placement and reduces the interventional procedure time.

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