Epiphora: treatment by means of dacryocystoplasty with balloon dilation of the nasolacrimal drainage apparatus.

A new interventional radiologic procedure was developed for treatment of epiphora. A small-bore, soft-tipped guide wire was introduced through the superior canaliculus and guided under fluoroscopic control through the nasolacrimal drainage system for retrieval through the nasal aperture. A small-bore angioplasty catheter was then introduced in a retrograde direction into the nasolacrimal drainage apparatus and dilated under fluoroscopic control. The procedure was attempted in 18 eyes of 17 patients with moderate to severe epiphora and was technically completed in 16; 13 of these cases demonstrated improvement, with 11 patients showing complete resolution of symptoms. In the three patients whose epiphora did not improve, no worsening of symptoms occurred. These results are preliminary; follow-up ranged from 7 weeks to 6 months. The authors believe that this technique may hold promise in the treatment of epiphora and may obviate the use of more invasive procedures.

Article History

Published in print: 1990