Tumor invasion of the chest wall in lung cancer: diagnosis with US.

The accuracies of ultrasonography (US) and computed tomography (CT) for determining tumor invasion of the chest wall in lung cancer were compared in a retrospective study of 120 patients. US findings were evaluated preoperatively according to the following criteria: disruption of pleura, extension through the chest wall, and fixation of tumor during breathing. CT findings were evaluated with the following criteria: obtuse angle of the mass to the pleural surface, more than 3 cm contact with the pleural surface, and visible pleural thickening associated with the mass. Chest wall invasion was judged as positive when at least two of the three findings were present with either technique. Nineteen of the 120 patients had chest wall invasion by tumor. The sensitivity of US was 100% and the specificity was 98%. The sensitivity of CT was 68% and the specificity was 66%. The accuracy of US and CT were 98% and 67%, respectively.

Article History

Published in print: 1993