PURPOSE: To assess the utility of magnetic resonance (MR) cerebral blood volume (CBV) maps in the evaluation of gliomas. MATERIALS AND METHODS: CBV maps from 19 patients with histologically proved gliomas were calculated from dynamic MR image sets acquired with echo-planar spin-echo imaging after intravenous injection of gadolinium-based contrast material. RESULTS: The maximum CBV varied from 0.82 to 5.40 in the high-grade group (n = 13) and from 1.01 to 1.21 in the low-grade group (n = 6). The difference was statistically significant. Maximum CBV was associated with mitotic activity and vascularity, but not with cellular atypia, endothelial proliferation, necrosis, or cellularity. CONCLUSION: MR CBV maps provided diagnostic information not available with conventional MR imaging in six cases and offers a functional parameter for assessing glioma grade and regions of focal activity.

Article History

Published in print: 1994