MR Angiography Series: Fundamentals of Non–Contrast-enhanced MR Angiography

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Non–contrast-enhanced MR angiography is a powerful tool in evaluating the anatomy and physiology of vasculature, and the common sequences, underlying physics, benefits, and drawbacks of this technique are reviewed in this presentation.

Unlike CT angiography, which requires the use of contrast medium, MR angiography (MRA) can be performed without the use of contrast agents. This subfield of MRA is referred to as non–contrast-enhanced MRA (NC-MRA). While NC-MRA can be performed in many patients, it is especially useful in the imaging of pediatric and pregnant patients, as well as in patients with renal impairment. NC-MRA can also provide unique functional and hemodynamic information that is not obtainable with CT angiography or contrast-enhanced MRA. This module gives an overview of the predominant NC-MRA techniques that are currently available on modern clinical MRI systems, while also discussing some new and emerging topics in the field. This module is the second in a series created on behalf of the Society for Magnetic Resonance Angiography (SMRA), a group of researchers and clinicians who are passionate about the benefits of MRA but understand its challenges.

The full digital presentation is available online.

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