Epinephrine Renal Venography in Pseudotumors Consisting of Normal Renal Tissue

Published Online:https://doi.org/10.1148/131.1.65

Epinephrine renal venography was used to study mass-like enlargements of normal renal tissue in 4 kidneys (3 with prominent septa of Bertin and 1 with marked lobation) in 3 patients. Normal veins penetrating the pseudotumor were always present; the septa of Bertin also caused stretching of the interlobar veins. No encased or obstructed veins were observed. This technique may be of value in cases of suspected pseudotumor where arteriography and noninvasive procedures do not permit an unequivocal diagnosis.

Article History

Received: Sept 15 1978
Accepted: Nov 22 1978
Published in print: Apr 1979